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"John is particularly professional and sophisticated. He comes from a consulting and finance background, so his analytical and quantitative skills are top-notch. He has a pro-active work ethic, is honest and patient. John focuses on Downtown neighborhoods."
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Ethan E.
" I have bought and sold a number of apartments over the past ten years in the West Village. In so doing, I have worked with a number of real estate brokers. I have found that John Tenore is easily the best of the bunch. He is a consummate professional, who provided me with valuable counsel and guidance when I sold my apartment. John served as a calm and steady influence over the entire process. His recommendations, based on his experience and keen understanding of the existing market forces, proved to exactly correct. I do not believe any other broker could have helped me in the manner in which John did so."
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Suzanne C.
"I absolutely love working with John. We've worked together a number of times, and my last experience with him was critical. I had an eleven room condo at the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park City that I was extremely hesitant to sell, but I needed to let go of the property. John took what could've been an emotionally devastating experience and made it wonderful. He understood my feelings and was extremely considerate of them throughout the entire process of selling the home. He wasn't like most real estate agents who just want to make their commission. He was patient, understanding, and was truly committed to my needs. His negotiating skills were fabulous, and he was able to get a very handsome offer from the buyer. He was there at the closing, and because of his compassion, I still keep in touch with him today. I recommend John to everyone I know. I referred a friend to him just last week, and she's already very happy with him."
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David G.
"Five years ago, I was looking to invest in a condo and was connected to John. He's been renting the property for me since then, and I can tell that his top priority is to keep both myself and my tenants happy. John is a straight-shooter, a great listener, and he's able to communicate very well with our tenants, which makes him a great value to me. My work keeps me extremely busy, so for John to be so effective and professional is a definite help with the property. Working with John has been a pleasure and I would certainly recommend John as an agent to others."
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Mark E.
"I've recommended John to a number of friends because of the way he listened to my family's needs. My wife and I had a very particular area of the city in mind when we hired John to help us find a home, and after exhausting our search in that area, he redirected us to another part of the neighborhood that he might be more suitable for us. His instincts were absolutely right. He proved that he'd really listened to our preferences and spend the time to get to know us. My wife and I both agree that we would've been very unhappy had we not worked with John, and we're extremely glad that we did."
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Mimi R.
"I've purchased and rented several properties in the city over the past few years, and my experience with John was by far the best I've had. He was extraordinary. I was originally looking to sell my luxury apartment, but after the market fell, I decided to rent it out instead. Given the type of property it was, I was looking for very specific clientele, and John and I discussed what rental rate I was hoping for and what was realistic to expect at the time. We came up with a range of what I was willing to accept, and John was able to find me a tenant that paid at the top of that range. It wasn't simply the results that made my experience with John wonderful, though. Closing a deal can be hit or miss, and I understand that. What stuck out to me was that every step along the way, John's follow-through was flawless. He understood that as a businessman, I was very busy, and he never once intruded in my life. He was always researching on his own accord and communicating with the Board, building management, and potential tenants to ensure that everyone had the same information, and I never once had to get involved. I would definitely recommend John to friends or family. He's receptive to his clients, takes the initiative, and puts in the necessary work behind the scenes to make the whole process move forward smoothly."
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Salvatore R.
"John is currently helping me sell my West Village apartment, and even though we're still in the process of the sale, my confidence in his abilities has led me to recommend him to multiple people. John is extremely knowledgeable, and he works very hard to understand the current market and the neighborhood in which he's working. This allows him to refrain from engaging in false expectations and instead provide his clients with real facts and statistics. Because of this, I've never felt like I've been making decisions based on conjecture. What I find to be particularly valuable with John is that he has not only a strong professional network, but also a great social network with owners and renters in every neighborhood. I think this is one of the most influential aspects of making a sale in today's market, and the trust John has gained within his network is remarkable. Through working with John, I can see that he cares both about the buyer and seller in a deal, and he realizes that working with both is the only way to make a deal move forward. He's ethical and honest, as well, which I think shows a true commitment to his clients."
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Maggie A.
"My experience working with John has been a true pleasure. John's very professional, considerate, and my husband and I are very satisfied with his work. Something that was very important to my husband and me was finding an agent who would take our two cats into consideration. John himself owns pets, and is great with ours. After a showing, he makes sure to tell us how the cats reacted, and he's very responsible with them the whole time. When he shows our balcony, he usually holds one of them to make sure nothing happens. It's this type of personal attention that makes John great. I would most certainly recommend John to someone looking for an agent."
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Becky M.
"I think that navigating the real estate process in the city, especially as a first time buyer, is difficult. John has a calming presence, and his extensive experience translated to an ability to lead me through the entire process of purchasing my first home in the city. From what I've heard about real estate in New York, there don't seem to be many brokers who are honest, but honesty is a word that epitomizes John. He was very straightforward from the start, and he told me every detail of each property we looked at together. He never tried to sell me something out of my price range just to make more money for himself, and he was an advocate for me as a client in all aspects of my purchase. I would definitely recommend John to family and friends. He kept me informed and up to date the entire time we worked together."
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"In order to describe John, I have to start by saying that working with him is very pleasant. He's quite accessible and responsive, and throughout our dealings together, I felt like we were working as partners. He was always straightforward with me, he understood the position I was in during our transactions, and he had a strong grasp of what I was looking for in my move. I would definitely recommend John to friends or family. I've become very interested in real estate, and since we've closed, John has really stood out as an agent. He's stayed in close contact with me where other agents have failed to do so, and he's remained as a helpful, responsive resource regarding the real estate market. I've appreciated his commitment to me as a past and potentially future client."
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